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Onboarding Checklist

This article will show you the basic onboarding steps as well as raise questions you may want to think about for your team.

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This check-list will walk you through the complete Proposales account set-up. You will also see hyperlinks throughout, so if you need a little extra information on any step, click the underlined text and voila! 💫

  1. Settings:

    1. Ensure your company details are correct such as address, URL etc

    2. Ensure you have the correct currency and languages set-up

    1. We always recommend a picture of yourself for personalisation.

    2. Ensure your name and title are correct.

    3. You can add your phone number and your own email address which will appear as your contact details

    4. 'Show my email' allows you top decide if you show your real email address or if you use the email address used at Settings level, the generic one. Toggled on will mean we show your personal email address.

  2. Products & Content Library. You can see some ideas of what to include below:

    1. Basic products, such as bedrooms, lunch, coffee and, of course, meeting rooms.

    2. Anything that is an optional extra, that you wish to upsell with, such as wine at dinner, extra technical equipment, transport, excursions, room upgrades.

    3. Information pieces, such as 'parking available', free city shuttle, free newspapers, free wifi, or 'city tax charged at x%'.

    4. Videos - These are brilliant for really setting the scene for your quest. Take any Youtube or Vimeo link and add it. These can include tours of the hotel, 360° views or even just a welcome video that can be placed as the first product.

      To start adding Products, follow this link:

  3. Templates: Think about every type of proposal you send and make a template for it for the fastest workflows. Examples of where a different template is needed includes:

    1. Large multi-day conference

    2. Small, one day conference

    3. Family party

    4. Wedding party

    5. Business meeting

  4. Workflow:

    1. Decide what the workflow should be between the teams

    2. Decide who should be able to edit templates or products

    3. Should VAT always be on or can individual colleagues change this per proposal?

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