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How to create products

Here you will learn how to add products to your Content Library

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Products, or Content blocks, are the core foundation to your Proposales account. A good content library filled with every product, service and offering you have, will enable you to send proposals and upsell with ease.

Let's get started by navigating to your Content Library

Click the 'Content' icon on the left hand panel:

How to create a Product:

  1. Once in your Content Library, click 'Create new Product'

  2. A sidebar will appear on the right-hand side corner. You can now enter all the product details that you wish to add, such as:

    1. Header Text - This is the Title of the product that the guest will see

    2. Description Text - This allows you to give extra details and explain how brilliant the product is. It can be as long or as short as you like.

    3. Pricing details, such as VAT rate and the price EXCLUDING VAT

    4. Add images by clicking 'Upload/Manage images' and decide how you wish to upload the image. The simplest way is to click 'Choose a local file' which will allow you to select images from your computer. You can then add as many images as you want.

    5. When you have selected the images you want, you will see them laid out in the order you added them. This is also the order they will be shown to the customer. If you wish to change the order, you can drag and drop the image up or down the order. When you're happy, click 'Add'.

  3. As you work, everything will auto-save for you, so you don't need to search for a 'Save' button.

Duplicating Products:

If you have many products that you wish to add that are quite similar, you can duplicate one product to give you a head start on the next product. These steps show you how:

  1. Go to your Content Library

  2. Click on a product that you would like to duplicate, then click on 'duplicate'.

  3. You will now get a duplicate product appear. You can now edit any details you wish to on the right hand product panel.

Why can't I see the content library?

This might be the case if you are not enabled as an Admin in your account. If you do not see the content library icon on the left hand side, ask your Admin for help.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Quick Tip!

Products are very flexible and can be used for simple information blocks, or headings, as well as having real products with prices. To see some use cases,

keep reading here.

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