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Smart Formulas

Reduce the repetition on your quantities using our Smart text and formulas

Updated over a week ago

If you are already using Smart Text then this article will make you even more efficient.

When you add a Smart Text quantity to your proposal, such as {number_of_people}, you can use it to enter the guest count. We also track number of days and nights automatically if you are using our {start_date}, {end_date} or {period} variables.

Then, when you go to your content, you need to enter these numbers again.

Not anymore!

With Smart Formulas, we can set a product to automatically fill in the quantity to match one of your Smart Text entries.

If this feature is enabled on your account, you can go to a proposal draft and navigate to the quantity within a product. You then see an option to dropdown and switch to Smart Formulas:

Once done, you simply write the Smart Text you wish it to copy. This can then put any quantity in the Smart Text and see your product quantities update automatically.

When you have multiple products where you need to put the same quantity into each time you send a proposal, it can save so much time to just have to enter that once in your Smart Text.

If you are still feeling confident, you can go one step further....

As the name suggests, you can use the Smart Text to auto-fill content quantities. But you can also use it to calculate things for you. For example:

1. What if you want to show total number of rooms/nights booked?

{number_of_people} * {number_of_nights}

2. What if you need to automatically set the room quantity to 2 people per room?

{number_of_people} /2

If you are unsure how to use Smart Text, take a look at this article.

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