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Smart Text

Dynamic text that supports an efficient and reliable workflow for your team

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What is a Smart Text/ variable?

It is essentially placeholder text that can automatically be filled with real text later. For example, if I want to state that an arrival date and departure date should be added to the proposal introduction, I can always just write something like 'ADD DATE HERE'.

However, to make it stand out even more, I can use a text variable to help it stand out even more:

How to add Smart Text to my templates:

Smart Text can be added in the header and in the free text field in top of the template.
Start with a curly bracket: { type the text and end with a curly bracket: } like the video is showing below. Click here to see how to edit an already set up template.

How can I type the curly bracket { ?

If you are on a mac, click the following keys on your keyboard at the same time:

Option + Shift + regular bracket key

If you are on a PC, click the following keys on your keyboard at the same time:

Alt + Shift + regular bracket key

Nordic keyboards: Alt Gr + 7 and Alt Gr + 0 (a zero)

Some often used variables are:

First name: {first_name}

Last name: {last_name}

Company: {company_name}

Start date: {start_date}

Departure date: {end_date}

Period: {period} - To show a range of dates.

Double rooms: {double_rooms}

Single rooms: {single_rooms}

Guests/ Participants/ Attendants: {number_of_people}

But really, you can add anything you like want to! It is just a reminder text to direct your team to fill it in, you can even put {number_of_pillows} if you like!


Voila, even more time saved.

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