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Email notifications sent to the customer
Email notifications sent to the customer
Updated over a week ago

The receiver (both the Signer and CC) of the proposal will be notified per email in these different scenarios:

  • New Proposal received: When you send a proposal to a recipient, they receive their proposal, alongside a personalised message from you if you wish to include one.

  • Proposal updated: If the proposal is updated, the new version of the proposal is sent to the customer.

  • Validity date updated: If the sender decides to update the validity date of the proposal, the original proposal with a new validity date is sent.

  • Proposal has expired: If the expiry date passes with no decision on the proposal, the customer will receive an email explaining that the proposal is no longer valid.

  • Accepted/rejected a proposal: If your customer accepts or rejects the proposal, they get an email confirmation of their decision.

  • Booking number: if the Booking number field in the proposal is updated, a notification will be sent. (This only applies to accepted proposals).

  • Invoicing details: If the Invoicing details were not filled in upon Acceptance, a reminder will be sent the following day.

Note: To avoid spamming your customer we have chosen not to send the "About to Exipre" notification to them. Instead we recommend the sales agent to regularly use the Follow-up feature that will support you to handle proposals that are about to expire. You will find Follow-up at the top of the left hand panel of your account.

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