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What is Follow-up?

Get personal recommendations for a timely follow-up on every proposal.

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As Proposales helps you to send proposals faster than ever, it also means more proposals to keep track of. But no need to worry, we have you covered there too.

On the left hand panel of your account, you will see an icon for your follow-up:

Your Follow-up feature will show you all proposales that are due to expire within the next few days.

Once you get your list of proposals, you can then click on each proposal card and you will be brought to the proposal. You can now decide what you would like to do to follow-up on that proposal.

You can of course call the guest if you like, or you can send a follow-up message directly from the proposal, by clicking 'Send Again' on the right hand menu.

Once done, jump to 'Follow-up' and see which other proposals need some help converting.

How is the list of proposals organised:

It is ordered by the expiry date and how long your validity period was.

For example, a proposal with an expiry in 2 days will show in front of a proposal that is due to expire in 3 days. If they have the same expiry date, a proposal with a 14 day validity period will show up in front of a proposal with a validity period of 30 days.

It is also organised by labels so you can quickly see the proposal status:

  • Not Opened in a while

  • Expiring Soon

  • Expired

What proposals are listed in the follow-up tab:

  • Proposals that are expiring soon

    • If a proposal is valid for more than 7 days and remains active, it will appear in your follow-up for the last 5 days before it expires.

    • If a proposal is valid for 7 days or less, it will appear in your follow-up one day before it expires.

  • Proposals that have expired recently

    • All proposals that have expired in the last 10 days.

  • Proposals that are active and haven’t been opened yet

    • If a proposal is valid for more than 7 days, and the proposal was sent at least 3 days ago and it hasn’t been opened yet.

    • If a proposal is valid for 7 days or less, and the proposal was sent at least 1 day ago and hasn’t been opened yet.

  • Proposals that haven’t been opened in a long time

    • Proposals that are still active, and have been opened at least once, but they haven’t been opened in the last 7 days, independently of how long they’re active.

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