The company information you add will appear in all of your proposals so it's important to ensure it is accurate and complete. Under 'Settings' you will see both your individual profile and also your company profile. This article focuses on the Company profile.

  1. Click the settings icon on the left hand panel

  2. Navigate to and click the 'Edit Company' button

  3. Input as much information as you can.

    1. Extra important to ensure the Country is set correctly as we will use this to show you the correct VAT options in your Products.

Once done, your details will look like this in a proposal:

As you can see, we do have a logo in there too. The brand imagery is also managed in your Settings.

Upload your logo and background

Your logo and background are added to every proposal you create. The background image is right at the top of the proposal and your logo appears both at the top and bottom so your customers see your branding instantly.

You will be able to select a different background on each template or even on each individual proposal but it is smart to have a good back-up background in your settings.

To set the default background, navigate to the 'Background', click 'Upload' and then select the file you want to use. You can use either an image or an MP4 video. Read our image and video specifications here.

You set your logo just underneath your Background image, you can find your logo. Again, click 'Upload' and select your image. For this, we recommend JPG formats.

We also recommend cropping your logo to remove as much white space as possible. This will allow your logo to look as large and clear as possible in your proposal.

What's next? 🚀

Once your Settings are complete, it's time to create your Products in the Content Library!

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