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Image and video specifications
Image and video specifications

What size should my proposal images be?

Updated over a week ago

When you are adding images to your account or to your proposal, you can use the following specifications as a guide to ensure they will fit and look great!

The specifications below are maximums and recommended for the best quality:

  • Your profile image: 200x200 pixels.

  • Company logo: 360x96 pixels.

    • Use either .jpeg or .png image types as .svg are not supported by email services. When you send a proposal to a customer, we include your logo in the email notification so it's important to ensure your logo will be visible.

    • Try to remove all the whitespace around the logo before uploading it. The less white space there is, the bigger your logo is going to be on the proposal.

    • If exporting to a PDF, the image will need to look sharp at 700 pixels.

  • Product images: 800x800 pixels.

  • Proposal background: 2880x3000 pixels.

    • If using an image, we recommend you use a JPG file format for better scaling across different devices.

    • If using a video here, stick to the size above and just ensure your MP4 file is under 30MB.

  • Video uploaded to the Content Library: You just need a Youtube or Vimeo link so as long as it fits on those platforms, it will fit in Proposales.

  • Videos for proposal backgrounds: The video file should be less than 30MB. If the file you have is larger than this, you can use sites like VideoSmaller to reduce them.

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