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Send Mews connected Proposals
Send Mews connected Proposals
Updated over a week ago

Now that I have set up my connectivity and imported my Mews products in Proposales,

I'm ready to send my 1st connected Proposal!

Watch this Video!

** Make sure your templates include the mandatory field {period}


  1. Select the Template and add the Period

  2. Make sure the type of reservation and rate codes are the ones you wish to use.

  3. Add the recipient. It can be any of the Mews imported contacts or a new one that you create in Proposales (Not connected to Mews)

  4. Add the Content. You will be able to check availability and import rates automatically.

  5. Make sure you define the amount of rooms, occupancy, discounts or add additional products to the service.

  6. Once the previous steps are done, you can send the proposal!

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