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Install Inbox Widget via GTM (Google Tag Manager)
Install Inbox Widget via GTM (Google Tag Manager)

Instructions on how to install the Inbox Widget on the website using Google Tag Manager

Updated over a week ago

Create a new tag

Select Custom HTML as tag type, and insert the code below. We recommend calling the tag "Proposales Embed".

<script src="" async></script>

Trigger the tag on every page view

Make sure to trigger this new "Proposales Embed" tag on every Page view across All pages of the website.

When installed, all links to the Inbox Widget will open as an overlay

Every link to the Inbox Widget, e.g.{token}, will now trigger the Inbox Widget on the website, instead redirecting the visitor to the link destination.

If the user doesn't have JavaScript enabled the user will be taken to the Inbox Widget as a regular link and submit the request from there.

Disable the "Resume request" button

If the website visitor start to fill out the RFP web form in the Inbox Widget but doesn't submit, a "Resume request" button will show up in the lower right corner. You can disable that via CSS if you prefer to now show it for some reason.

<style type="text/css">
#resume-booking {display: none !important;}

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