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Sending a Proposal Synced to Opera
Sending a Proposal Synced to Opera
Updated over a week ago

These are the steps to follow to create a proposal that will sync with Opera.

  1. Select a template.

  2. Add the title of the proposal and choose a date in the SmartText: Period.
    The proposal will now be synced with Opera and the availability of hotel rooms and meeting rooms will be visible for those specific dates.

  3. Select your preference. A drop down in each of the fields with all your options will show.

    • Number of attendees

    • Rate Code

    • Market Code

    • Source

  4. Go to Content and chose the products to be offered.

    See which ones are available and how many or which ones are not.

  5. Under the meeting rooms an Event Resource can chosen for what should be offered during the meeting. For each day you can modify the number of attendees.

    From Event Resources you can choose from all your Items and all your Menus.

  6. When adding a Accommodation, the dates from period will define the dates selected. You can select as well the occupancy per room and per night.

  7. To select who you will be sending the proposal. Go to Recipient and find your Opera contacts. If it does not exist you can create a new one and it will sync to Opera.

  8. Send the proposal and the Block will be updated automatically.

  9. Once the recipient accepts or denies the offer the status of the Block will automatically change status to what you have set the settings.

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