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Before Sending Opera Cloud Connected Proposals: Settings
Before Sending Opera Cloud Connected Proposals: Settings
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Set up Opera and in Proposales:

  • Currency

    Make sure the correct Currency is is set up in Proposales: Settings-> Company.

    If products are imported in the wrong currency, all products need to be deleted and added again after the correct currency setting is set.

  • Configure Opera settings

    In Proposales open: Settings-> Connect-> Configure Opera

    Set up a desirable flow of the proposal, from the initial stage when a proposal is sent to accepted or lost.

    Make sure that the selected Initial status and Initial Reservation Type both have the same set up in Opera as non deductive or deductive. If they contradict it will cause errors.

  • Event and meeting rooms in Opera
    In Opera, when configuring meeting and event rooms you set a minimum and maximum amount of attendees able to fit inside of each room. Make sure to set the minimum number to 1 persons, since Proposales on default sends the number of guests as: 1.

  • Rate Code in Opera
    The rate code CUSTOM is the default rate code and must therefore be set up in Opera.

  • Setup Code in Opera
    The Setup Code: RECEP is default and needs to be set up in Opera on each meeting room.



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