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Let your customers "Accept & Pay" with instant credit card payments.

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Proposales + Stripe = 😍

By connecting your Stripe account to your Proposales account you enable your customers to "Accept & Pay" for their proposal with a smooth process and no invoicing involved. You'll also be paid up front through the secure Stripe process.

Enabling the Stripe connection on your Proposales account:

The first step is to let the Help Desk team know that you wish to enable Stripe on your account. They will require your Stripe Secret API Key. This guide shows you how to find it in Stripe.

Once the Proposales team confirm your Stripe connection is enabled, you just need to go to your 'Account Settings' and click the 'Connect to Stripe' button at the bottom of the page.

You will then be guided through to Stripe's step-by-step process to securely connect your accounts.

Once completed, you are ready to go!

Enable Accept and Pay on your templates and proposals:

When enabled, start a new proposal. You will see a new option on your right hand panel called 'Payment'. Turn this button on and you will be asked what you want the customer to pay. You can select between 3 different options:

  • Full payment

  • Part payment (%)

  • Part payment (amount)

Once you have selected your preferred option, you can create the rest of the proposal as normal and send it as normal.

What does it look like for my guest?

The guest will see the proposal completely as normal. The only difference will be a detail at the bottom explaining clearly that they can pay with their card:

Once they click Accept, they will be automatically brought to Stripe's payment page to submit their details and confirm payment:

It's all super easy and fast for you and your guest 🀩

What if we don't have a Stripe account yet?

  1. You can easily sign up for a Stripe account here:

  2. Stripe's registration process will guide you through the steps to create the account, it should only take a few minutes.

Are there any fees?

Stripe's regular fee will apply. See their current fees at

Proposales will charge a small, per-transaction, service fee of 1,2% for the Stripe integration. The service fee will be invoiced the following month, whereas the payment provider fee (Stripe's fee) will be instantly collected by the payment provider.

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