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Create proposals directly from your HubSpot CRM

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Getting started

Navigate to Settings > Connect to activate the connectivity with HubSpot.

Navigate to Connect > HubSpot and select the pipeline and deal stages to fit your preferences.

How it works

Option 1: Creating a proposal in Proposales creates a deal in HubSpot

  • When HubSpot is connected, a new deal will automatically be created in HubSpot. If you for some reason don't want to create a new deal, you can turn it off with the toggle switch. (Already have a deal created in HubSpot? See this flow)

Option 2: Create a proposal from an existing HubSpot deal

  • Create a proposal via the "Actions" button in the Proposales panel, next to the deal. Pick one of your proposal templates, or create a new proposal from scratch.

  • A proposal draft will show up in the Proposales panel, so that you can quickly navigate to it by clicking the link to the draft in Proposales.

  • The recipient will automatically be added from the Contact person (and company) associated with the deal in HubSpot.

  • There is a always a link in Proposales back to the HubSpot deal

Adjust the proposal to fit the needs of your client:

  • Now it's up to you to do any adjustment you might need to the proposal.

  • When you hit "Send", that will automatically update the deal in HubSpot.

Sales process:

  • The HubSpot deal will be updated automatically throughout the buying journey, i.e. update the stage in the pipeline.

  • The stage will be updated on Send, Accept, Reject, Expiration and Withdrawn (your settings will decide what stages in the pipeline you want it to be).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I have multiple accounts Proposales; how can I control which templates are showing up under "Actions"?

This is decided based on the Proposales company you're currently logged in to. Simply switch to the company that you want to send a proposal on behalf of, via the "Jump To" button. (Ctrl + K on PC, CMD + K on Mac)

Is it possible to create multiple proposals for the same HubSpot deal?

Yes, you can add as many proposals to a deal as you want. This is handy if you send different options to the client. Simply press "Action" button and pick a template.

If I have multiple proposals connected to one deal, what will happen and which one will control the deal in HubSpot?

If you re-activate or send a new version of a proposal that has expired (and are in "Closed Lost"), it will be put back into the same state as you have for "Proposal sent".

The deal amount will be set by the first sent proposal and then updated by the first accepted proposal.

There is an exception that if still have active proposals connected to the HubSpot deal, the deal will not be considered lost (and not move the deal to "Closed lost").

If one proposal is accepted the HubSpot deal will be moved to "Closed won" (and the other proposals will automatically be withdrawn).

What deal value will be shown in HubSpot?

Proposales is automatically updating the proposal value throughout the sales process, to always reflect the value of the proposal at all times.

Can I connect one HubSpot user to more than one Proposales user?

Yes, you can. However, if you are creating proposals from HubSpot, the proposal will be created with the first user as contact person.

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