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Access Management

Ensuring your account security

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Access Management

Adding new users

  • Users get added by invite. Only admins can send out the invites, and invited users by default get the role of a regular user.

  • Get in contact with your Customer Success Manager if you want us to add new users. For security reasons, the Customer Success Manager will only do it if the email comes from an account admin.

Changing user permissions

  • Admins can change the permissions of other users, including making them admins.

Deleting users

  • Only admins can delete users.

  • If the user has access to multiple accounts, Proposales can also delete these users upon request:

    • Get in contact with your Customer Success Manager let us know that a colleague has left. The CS team will raise a ticket with the tech team to request the user is completely removed.


  • Some customers have direct access to their dedicated Customer Success Manager. If your Customer Success Manager is on vacation, emails get redirected to the Customer Success team inbox automatically.

  • For technical questions, you can hit the button “Help” in the platform and the Proposales team will check that throughout the day, at least 4 times in the day to give good coverage.

  • The help team can often answer questions right away. But if tech help is required, then we escalate this to our tech team. There is always one engineer on support duty during the day.

  • If an issue stops the team from sending proposals, it will be tagged as urgent and our tech team will immediately investigate. The support team will keep you updated throughout that time. You can keep in direct contact with your Customer Success Manager by phone and email too.

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