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General troubleshooting
General troubleshooting

Sometimes technology goes a little strange, this page will guide you on a few things you can do to get back on track

Updated over a week ago

As with any system, we are all reliant on the internet, the wifi, good signal etc. The Proposales support team is just behind the Help button and can of course help out, but it helps us a lot if you can try to troubleshoot a little before hand. These tips may even solve the issue straight away.

1. Check Incognito behaviour

When you open an incognito window, it's like starting from scratch. Your computer generally tried to remember things as you go so that in future it can load pages faster for you. It kind of fills in the blanks rather than retrieving all the data completely every time you load the page. This is great for speed, but it can sometimes remember things incorrectly, or remember an issue that is now solved. So, to check if this is the issue, we can use the incognito mode.

  • Go to your browser and open a new incognito window.

  • Sign in to Proposales

  • Try to do what you were trying to do before and see if it works.

  • If it works, Step 2 should fix your issue. If it still didn't work, keep reading, you may need a little extra help.

2. Clear Cache -

This video shows you how to do it on a mac.

This article shows you how to do it a Windows/Dell computer

3. Check with your colleagues

It could be that your browser has an issue, such as being out of date or having a plugin that doesn't work well with other sites. If your colleagues are having no issues, try to play spot the difference and see what is different on your computer/profile/proposal that could be causing the issues.

4. The good old 'Turn it off and on again' trick

When all else fails, log out and turn off your computer and then restart it. Technology is great but we all get a bit tired sometimes!

If you have tried all of this and it still doesn't work, think about the following when you get in touch:

1. Take screenshots of all the info you think we may need.

  • You can click a button with 'PRTSC' on a windows keyboard

  • If on a Mac, click 'Command', 'Shift' and '3'.

  • You'll then be able to send this image to us in the Help chat.

2. Send us the URL for the page you are struggling with.

3. Detail the exact reproduction steps.

This is so we can copy what you did and experience the same thing. If we can reproduce it, our tech team know more specifically where the issue is and will be faster to solve things.

Something like this is great:

  • I clicked the proposal

  • I then clicked 'Content' to add content

  • I then clicked the cog wheel to change quantity.

  • I typed a quantity in and then saw the issue where I couldn't type the number 5.

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