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Connect your Mews Account with Proposales!
Connect your Mews Account with Proposales!

Learn how to connect Mews PMS to your Proposales account

Updated over a week ago

If you work with Mews, you can now connect it to Proposales and work even more efficiently. Keep reading to see how.

What is the Mews connection and how does it work?

When you connect Proposales with Mews you will be able to sync products, contacts and deal status, as well as see availability, live, between Proposales and Mews. This has a lot of benefits:

  • You can trust your data 100% as it removes the chance for human error

  • No more double work, as your deal stages update in real time

  • Your contact details are a single click away

  • See availability live when drafting your proposals

  • … and most importantly, happier sales reps! πŸ˜€

To get things set up, you just need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Mews marketplace and add the connection to Proposales.

  2. Get in touch with our Help Desk via the 'Help!' button to let us know. Our tech team will then prepare the account.

  3. Wait to hear back from us 😊

Once the connection is complete, you can sync your products from Mews and then send proposals that sync between your Mews account and your Proposales account.

It can take a couple of weeks to fully set up the connection. Whilst we work on that, you can of course manually update the details between Mews and Proposales.

Ready to get connected?

Key details:

  • Each room will be listed as a reservation in Mews. reservations require a room and a contact to connect.

  • All mews connected products, that are not a room, will show under the first room reservation, even if they are part of a different β€˜room’/for the whole booking.

  • Status shown:

    • When sent, it shows status of 'Reservation' (If you prefer to set it to 'Inquiry' instead, that is possible)

    • When accepted, it shows status of 'Future'

    • When declined/expired or withdrawn, it shows status of 'Cancelled'.

  • The total seen in Proposales and Mews may differ - this is expected as mews can only add the total of the mews connected products. So products that are not connected to Mews and included in the proposal will only be shown in the total in proposales.

  • When you send a proposal, does mews hold the space so it is no longer available to others, or does that only happen on accept?

    • Proposales block the space when a proposal is sent, including optional items. The reservation will be confirmed when the proposal is accepted.

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