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Setting up OPERA Connection with Proposales
Setting up OPERA Connection with Proposales

Connect Proposales with your inventory in OPERA Cloud PMS

Updated over a week ago

If you have a Premium or Standard Proposales account, we can connect your Opera Cloud PMS with your Proposales account.

The Oracle agreement also has to include 'Foundation'.

If you're unsure how to find these details, scroll to the bottom of this page for help.

Integration Process:

  1. Send us the details about the hotels Opera account:
    a) Chain Code,
    b) the URL Property Connects to access OPERA Cloud and

    c) The Opera Hotel ID

  2. Proposales will send a permission request through to your Opera account.

  3. You accept our permission request with WSACCESS.

  4. Done πŸ‘

How to find my Opera details:

How to approve the Proposales User as WSACCESS:

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