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Onboarding - Videos
Updated over a week ago

We know that everyone learns differently. If you prefer to learn through watching, then this page is exactly what you are looking for. We go through the complete set-up and workflow in 33 minutes.

We have split everything in to sections so you can take it step by step and get yourself set-up in no time!

  1. Account Settings: Click here

  2. Adding Products: Click here

  3. Adding Video content: Click here

  4. Creating your Template Library: Click here

  5. Localizing Templates: Click here

  6. Advanced Products: Click here

  7. Sending Proposals: Click here

  8. Editing Proposals: Click here

  9. Tracking Proposals: Click here

If you are still unsure of something, take a look at our articles instead, here is the introduction page.

If you are still wanting a little more help, just hit 'Help!' and we will do all we can to help you figure it out 😊


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