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Editing Proposals

When the request changes, you can edit your proposal rather than starting from scratch.

Updated over a week ago

We know that event planning can be complex and can come with many changes. This usually means a lot of redrafting proposals and then reformatting the file before you can send it.

When you send a proposal in Proposales, you can edit it with ease all the way up until the customer accepts your proposal.

How to edit the proposal:

Find and open the proposal that you need to edit. At the top right corner, you will see a button labelled 'Edit'. Click this and you will return to the editing mode where you can make any changes you want.

As you return to the edit mode, you can change anything you like. The only exception is the contact person which cannot be changed.

Make whatever edits you need to make and then return to the top of the proposal where you will find the 'Send' button. Click this to send the new version to your customer, including a message if you like.

Can I track my different versions?

Yes! After you have sent a new version, you, and the customer, will see the version in the top right corner of the proposal. Click the version number and you can navigate between the different versions.

You will notice that only the latest version will show an 'Accept' button at the bottom. This is so the guest cannot accept an old version.

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