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Multiple-Currency accounts
Multiple-Currency accounts

If you need to send proposals in more than one currency, this article is made for you.

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To encourage higher CVR, we always want to personalise our proposals. You can easily localise the language, but you can also localise the currency if you wish.

When working on an account with multiple currencies, you do need to take extra care during set-up. However it is very simple once it is set up.

You can see the steps here:

  1. Create your account in the principle currency you wish to work, such as EUR.

  2. Go to your Content Library and create the products you wish to have in EUR.

  3. When all EUR products are created, create your templates in that currency.

  4. When done, go to 'Settings' and change your currency to your secondary currency. To see how to change currency, click here.

  5. Again, go to your Content Library and create the products again. You will see their price comes from the new setting.

  6. Now create your templates for the secondary language.



You cannot just duplicate a product or template, you will need to do each one from scratch. This is because each time you create from scratch, it looks to the Settings and copies those settings. If you duplicate, you take the settings from the original product/template.

How to respond to a request:

When a request comes in, you just select the correct template and it will be in the correct currency for you. You will also noticed that products that are in a different currency to your template will not be clickable. This is intentional to ensure you don't accidentally mix up your currencies.

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