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Create your content and products in just one account and ensure brand accuracy across all of your properties.

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As many of you will be working with multiple properties, we wanted to make the set-up and account maintenance as efficient as possible. That is why we introduced the ability to share content from one account to another.

This is especially useful if you have strong brand consistency requirements, and you want to ensure the product looks like the same at every property, without needing to make the same product over and over and over again.

All you need to do is create the product in your Master account (or original account) and then let the Help Desk team know the product ID from your webpage URL, and the names of the accounts you wish to share the product to. You can see a quick message template below to help you remember all the details:

Original hotel account name/Master account name:

Product ID

Names of the accounts to share to:

FAQ on Sharing content:

1. How do I find the Product ID?

You will see it at the end of the web page URL:

2. Can anyone edit the product?

No, only the person who created and shared the product can edit it. Therefore, make sure to remember who created it so you can ask them to help if edits are needed.

3. Will every detail then be 'locked'?

Essentially, yes. The title, description, VAT rate and images will be locked and can only be changed by the person who created and shared the product. One exception to this is the price. You will be able to see the price it was given originally but you will be able to edit the price in an individual proposal if you need to.

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