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Booking Status

Easily keep the guest informed on the status of their request.

Updated over a week ago

Our Booking Status' allow you to inform the guest of the status of their reservation throughout the journey.

The Booking status feature is located inside the proposal and is activated from the right hand menu.

There are 3 different options to chose from in the Booking Status:

  1. "No Booking" - shows under your Proposal Introduction text that:

    "No preliminary booking has been made..."

  2. "Booked" - allows you to add a Booking Number under your Proposal Introduction

    If no booking number is filled in, the text "Preliminary booked" is shown instead.

  3. "Pending (2nd option)" - this option is shown at the bottom of the proposal just under the Accept button, as a comment bubble. If no text is inserted, "Awaiting response from another client..." is shown by default.

    In this stage the Accept button is grey and not possible to click for the receiver. Only when the Booking status is changed to Option 1 or 2 will the proposal be able to be accepted.

Workflow Example:

  1. A proposal is sent with the status "No booking".

  2. The guest accepts the proposal.

  3. The agent makes the reservation in the booking system.

  4. The agent then changes the Booking status in the accepted proposal to "Booked" and adds the booking number from the reservation system.

  5. The guest is automatically notified via email that the booking is confirmed and they simultaneously receive their booking code and the updated proposal.

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