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Search your proposal library

When you are enabled to send even more proposals, you might need some extra help finding them later on.

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What that search term does search for is: proposal title, or proposal recipient (first name, last name, email, company name), or booking number.

We sort your proposals based on their status already: 'Active', 'Accepted', 'Lost' and 'Drafts', but there are lots of other handy ways to search through your proposals.

Main Search

On the left hand panel, you can see a magnifying glass icon. This opens up your account wide search function. Type at least 3 characters of your search term and you will begin to see the results.

As you can see, you can filter further under the Main Search:

By status: 'All', 'Active', 'Accepted' or 'Lost'.

By sender: via the dropdown where you see 'everyone'.

Search within each proposal status folder:

When you are in your Proposal Library, you can see all proposales organised based on their status. If you click on each 'status, you will see the full list of proposals that are currently on that status. Under the status folders, you can see a 'Search' bar. Similarly to the Main Search, you can type your search term here to find the exact proposal you are looking for.

You can also filter by the sender. To do this click 'Everyone' to access the user dropdown. Then select the person whose proposals you are searching for:

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