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Email notifications to sender
Email notifications to sender
Updated over a week ago

There is a possibility to be notified of what is happening to each proposal after they have been sent to the customer.

Start with activating the Email notifications:

Go to 'Profile' in the left hand panel and turn on the Email notifications slider.

These are the different types of notifications that you, as the sender of the proposal, will receive:

  • Opened: Sent as soon as the customer opens the proposal the first time.

  • Time to Follow Up: When the proposal is getting close to expire; 24 hours in advance if the initial expiry date was less than 7 days, and 3 days in advance if the expiry date was more than 7 days.

  • Expired: If the expiry date passes without the proposal being accepted/ rejected or extended.

  • Accepted: When the proposal is accepted.

  • Rejected: If the receiver rejects the proposal.

  • Wrong email address: If you still send the proposal to a non-existing email address you will receive an email notification about it.

  • Invoice information collected: If the receiver does not submit the invoice information upon acceptance but submits the information later, a notification email is then sent to the sender about the collected information.

What if I'm not receiving notifications any more?

  • Make sure to double check that email-notifications are turned on under in your Profile.

  • Check if the notifications have ended up in your spam-folder.

  • If you have checked everything above, hit Help and then team will see how we can support you.

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