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What can I see in Insights?
What can I see in Insights?

Proposales insights shows you how your team is performing to help you see what works, and what your pipeline looks like.

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To get to the Insights in Proposales, just click the Insights icon on the left hand side of the screen.

You then have a few different views to look through:

The Overview

This shows you the value of the sales that have been generated or will be generated based on all accepted and active proposals.

  • White columns show previous months accepted proposals,

  • Black columns show the value of all accepted proposals,

  • Grey columns show potential additional revenue if all active proposals are accepted.

The month shown refers to the expiry date set on the proposals. For example, if i send a proposal out on the 27th February with an expiry date of 3rd March, it will show up in our March column.


The Pipeline shows you a breakdown of everything that is currently active, which is when the proposal has been sent but not accepted or rejected yet. It shows you the total number of proposals and potential deal total per person.


The conversion section shows you details on your conversation rate, your upselling value and the fastest time it took to get an accepted proposal.

  • How is it calculated?

We take all the proposales ( active, rejected, withdrawn and expired) during the period of time selected and divid it by the accepted proposals. It does not matter if the proposal was originally created/send in another period of time.

You can filter this according to the time period you want to analyse, this includes:

  • Past 7 days

  • Month to date

  • Last 4 weeks

  • Last 12 weeks

  • Year to date

  • Last full year


Under the performance section, you can get a little more detail on the conversion and deal value per person.

Again, you can filter this data to view it across different time periods.


This section is useful if you work across a number of different hotels and want to look at how you all perform compared to each other. It is one of the best benefits to all working in the same Proposales environment because you can see who is performing well and then discuss how to learn from them and lift everyone up to their best.

  • How is it calculated?

In this case we take only the sent proposals during the time selected (in any status) and divide the number by the accepted proposals during that specific period of time.

Once again, you can filter across various time periods.


This is the best place to get a quick snapshot of the best statistics over various periods of time. It is randomised and shows a complete range of statistics from the fastest accepts and fastest time to send a proposal, through to the highest upselling value and day of the week with the most accepted deals.

You can easily move through the different statistic points by hitting spacebar or clicking the 'Show More' button.

Although the stats are randomly generated, they are great motivators and a great way to encourage and recognise your team's work.

If you have any further questions on the Proposales insights, feel free to ask at the Help Desk.


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