1 | Create a new proposal and change the introduction text

Step 1
Click Proposals in the left menu.

Step 2

Click the Create proposal button.

After clicking Create proposal you might see a set of templates in a blue box (see screenshot below). Click any of the templates to continue. Don't have any templates? You will enter the proposal builder straight away.

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Step 3 (optional)

Make changes to the introduction text by clicking the text area.

2 | Add products

Step 1

Let's add your first product to the proposal. Click the Add content button in the middle or click Content in the right menu.

Don't have products yet? We have created a tour on how to create products in Proposales. Log into your proposals account and click view the product tour below.

Would you like to read an article about how to create products instead? You find an article about how to create products here.

Step 2
Click the product you want to add to the proposal by clicking the plus sign.

Step 3

You can make adjustments to the product by clicking the cogwheel.

After clicking the cogwheel you can decide to adjust your product in simple or detailed view.

simple view
This view is used most of the time to make changes to the product.

detailed view
The detailed view can be used to present the product in more detail. This is best explained by an example:

A customer would like to book a room for two nights. For the first night, your customer would like to book 50 rooms. For the second night, your customer would like to book 25 rooms. The rate for both nights is different as there are weekday and weekend rates. We will use a detailed view as it's easier to communicate two different quantities and rates in one block instead of two.

Step 5
Continue to add more products till you are done.

3 | Adjust the proposal settings

Before sending the proposal we review the proposal settings.

Step 1
Add your attachments. Select any of the documents you have uploaded or use the Add attachment button to upload new documents. We recommend always adding terms and conditions.

Step 2
Review appearance. Amongst others, you can adjust the VAT settings for the proposal.

Step 3
Review Invoicing. You can enable invoice details for a proposal. When enabled, a customer will be presented with a dialog to enter invoice details just before accepting the proposal.

To find the collected invoice details: login > click Proposals > click the Accepted tab > open the proposal > look at the right-hand-side.

Step 4
Review booking. You can add a booking number or set the booking status to pending. This prevents the customer to accept the proposal before a booking is confirmed.

Step 5
Review the title of the proposal. You can also adjust the validity of the proposal by clicking Valid until.

Tip: don't use dots when you put a date in the title as spam filters will recognise your proposal as spam.

Step 6
Add a recipient. You can create and save a new recipient if you have no recipients yet.

4 | Hit send!

Click the Send button at the top. This will open a send dialog in which you can add an optional message for the recipient. Click Send when you are ready.

5 | And now we wait!

Once the recipient opens or accepts the proposal you will get an email.

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