With Workflow in Proposales you're able to automate the perfect guest journey with smart emails and webhooks.


Create an automated email workflow, with simple rules and messages that make sure that the guest is in the loop at all times—and make sure that you get all information the operational team needs.

What you can do (examples)

  • Send an information email 14 days prior to arrival

  • Send a welcome email 1 day before arrival

  • Send a kind email to notify about the cancellation policy 30 days after the proposal was accepted

  • Send a follow-up email with a link to your satisfaction survey 3 days after the departure date

Did you know?

  • All emails will have your custom branding in the same way as the proposal. The transactional design makes it stand out from other marketing emails and newsletters. Let your important information reach the guest in an automated and elegant manner.


Need more superpowers? Use the webhook action instead (can also be combined with emails). Ping any webhook endpoint X days after/before accept/arrival/arrival date. Do whatever you want with access to all information in the proposal in a structured JSON format.

What you can do (examples)

  • Ping your email marketing tool to send information emails (if you want to manage your emails elsewhere)

  • Ping your own systems (e.g. CRM/PMS)

  • Connect with Zapier apps

  • A lot more (happy to see your creativity innovate)

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