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Simple vs Detailed view
Updated over a week ago

Simple view or detailed view can be seen when you click any product in a proposal or draft.

Put simply, Simple View allows you to show a product with a price, discount and interactivity, such as flexible quantity and by marking it as optional.

Detailed View allows you to break things down a little more. For example, if you want to show different nights over a multiple night stay, or itemize things that are included in an agenda or package product:

A few extra details:

  • In Simple view, you can offer flexible quantities, allowing the guest to set their own quantity. This is not possible in Detailed View.

  • In both Simple View and Detailed View, you can make the product optional.

  • There is a character limit on each row in the Detailed View. However, you can usually think creatively on how to write what your customer needs to understand the offer.


  • If you have a number of technical items or small items that you want to sell, you can list the items in the detailed view. Simply add a new Product with a generic title, such as 'Tech set-up' or 'Extras'. Add this to your proposal and switch on the detailed view. Then add a row per item you would like to include. If you don't need to send all items in a proposal, you can just delete the row.

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