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Managing Products

How to edit, delete and duplicate products

Updated over a week ago

We previously showed you how to add new products. This article will walk you through how you can edit, delete and even duplicate products.

How to edit a Product:

  1. You now see all your Products. Select the one you want to edit by clicking on it.

  2. A sidebar will appear on the right-hand side corner. You can edit any of the details you see:

    1. To edit the text, just click on the text and type the new text or delete the old text.

    2. To change the VAT rates, click on the dropdown to select the VAT you need.

    3. To change the Price, click on the current price field and type what you need it be.

    4. To edit the images shown, click to 'Upload/Manage images'. You can then click the bin icon to remove an image and then select 'Choose a local file' on the reloaded page.

      1. If you only delete some of the images, you can instead click 'local files', on the left side of the box, to add more images. When you're happy with the image selection, click 'Add' to Save those images.

      2. If you wanted to reorder the images, you can click 'Upload/Manage images' and then just drag and drop the images shown to the order you want. The image at the top will be the main image and will show larger than the others in your proposal.

  3. Once you are happy, you can simply move on to another product or go back to your proposals as everything will auto-save for you.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Quick Tip!

Be aware that if you edit a product, it will take effect in all templates where the product is included.

How to Delete a Product:

  1. Navigate to your Content Library and click on the Product that you want to delete.

  2. On the right hand panel that appears, scroll to the bottom and click 'Delete'

How to duplicate a product:

  1. Navigate to your content library and choose a product that you would like to duplicate. Click 'edit'.

  2. On the right, a sidebar will pop up, and on the bottom left corner, you press the 'duplicate product' button.

  3. Your duplicated product will appear and you can now make any edits you wish.

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