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Updated over a week ago

Using content pieces to add different products and services to your proposal is great, as it keeps the proposal looking good. However, we know you sometimes need to add things that won't look so great as a product, such as your Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy or those fun Technical specification sheets.

The answer to this is to use our attachments. Again you can add as many as you like and even set them in your templates so they are never forgotten again!

To upload a new attachment

  1. In a template, draft or new proposal, click Attachments.

  2. Press Add attachment.

  3. Press Upload attachment.

  4. Select the file by choosing from a local file, direct link, drive etc.

  5. Press Add.

  6. Done! The file will now be saved in the attachments library.

    You can now add the file in the proposal by pressing the blue plus sign.

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