To upload a new attachment

  1. In a template, draft or new proposal, press Attachments.

  2. Press Add attachment.

  3. Press Upload attachment.

  4. Select the file by choosing from a local fil, direct link, drive etc.

  5. Press Add.

  6. Done, the file will now be saved in the library.

  7. You can now add the file in the proposal by pressing the blue plus sign.

To replace an attached file in a proposal:

  1. Press Attachments.

  2. Remove the file you want to replace by pressing the red X-mark.

  3. Press Add attachment.

  4. Select a file with the blue pus sign to insert it in the proposal.

  5. Or upload a new file by pressing upload attachment and follow step 4 - 7 mentioned above.

  6. Done.

To remove an attached file from the library:

  1. Press Attachments.

  2. Press Add attachment.

  3. Delete the file by pressing the trash can.

  4. The file will now be deleted from the library. In case the file is inserted by default in any templates, you'll have to remove it from each template by editing the templates and removing it under Attachments using the red X-mark.

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