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Can I switch between including and excluding VAT?
Can I switch between including and excluding VAT?

Including and excluding VAT

Updated over a week ago

✅✅✅ YES! ✅✅✅

It's quick and easy to switch between showing the price including or excluding VAT.

To switch between Including and excluding VAT do the following steps:

  1. When creating a proposal, click 'Appearance'.

  2. Click the slider button for 'Incl. VAT' to activate/deactivate Incl. VAT.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Done 👍

You will notice the individual product prices and total will now update to reflect your changes. We also clearly state in your proposal whether it is exclusive or inclusive of VAT:

If you always send your proposals with VAT included or excluded, then we recommend you set this at template level. Then you can be assured that it will be correct for every proposal taken from that template.

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