How it works

When the customer accepts the proposal, Proposales will ask the customer to fulfill a short form with the following information:

  • Company name

  • Corporate identity number

  • Invoicing adress

  • Zip code

  • City

  • Reference

  • Delivery adress

When the form is fulfilled

When the customer fulfills the form everything will be shown to the sales team inside the proposal, that way you no longer need to keep track of where the information is stored and you'll have everything at the same place.


If the customer doesn't fulfill the form the accept is still binding. To make sure that the sales team can spend their time on what actually matters, Proposales will send out a reminder to the customer asking them to fill out the form once more, that way the sales team no longer needs to chase down the customer, saving between 15-20 minutes per proposal.


To activate/deactivate the function follow these simple steps:

  1. Press Invoicing in the right side menu when creating a proposal.

  2. Press the button that activates/deactivates "Ask for invoicing details".

  3. Press Save.

In order to save time can you activate the function on the templates and simply deactivate it in proposals for customer that you don't want to invoice or already know the information.

Proposales remembers the information

The next time a recipient thats already fulfilled the form once, Proposales will ask if the invoicing details are still valid. If not the customer can simply make a quick change for i.e the refrence.

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