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Request customer invoice details automatically and save your team some admin.

Updated over a week ago

If you wish to collect invoicing details from your customer when they accept the offer, you can choose to do so automatically with a simple setting in your proposal.

How it works:

When the customer accepts the proposal, Proposales will ask the customer to complete a short form with the following information:

  • Company name

  • Corporate identity number

  • Invoicing address

  • Zip code

  • City

  • Reference

  • Delivery address

When the customer completes the form, everything will be shown to the sales team on the right hand side of the proposal. The customer does not see it on their view.

To activate/deactivate the function follow these simple steps:

  1. Click Invoicing in the right side menu when creating a proposal.

  2. Click the slider button that activates/deactivates "Ask for invoicing details".

We recommend you set this up at template level, so you never need to remember it in each proposal. If one proposal does not require the invoice details to be collected, your team can easily turn it off on that one proposal.

Proposales remembers the information:

If the recipient has already completed the invoicing details in a previous proposal, we remember the details and simply ask if the invoicing details are still valid. If they are not, the customer can simply edit the details.

Reminder emails to the customer:

Even if the customer doesn't complete the form the accept is still binding. Proposales will send out one automated reminder to the customer a day later. We only send one reminder and then allow you to decide how you with to follow up with the custom.

At this moment an email notification is sent to the sales agent informing that the invoicing details has been entered.

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