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How do I send a proposal on behalf of a colleague or field sales?
How do I send a proposal on behalf of a colleague or field sales?

Discover the perfect way for in-house sales teams to support their field sales colleagues

Updated over a week ago

We understand prime selling time is important. Therefore we made it super easy to send proposals on behalf of someone else who is part of your organisation.

Benefits for the Field Sales team & In-house team

  • Instant notification when the proposal is sent
    If you want to preview what has been sent, there is a button in the email notification that takes you directly to the proposal.

  • Notification when the proposal is opened for the first time
    Instantly know (and be on top) when the guest has opened the proposal. By knowing this you can be certain that the proposal has reached the recipient.

  • Notification when a proposal changes status (accepted/rejected/expired)
    Have you ever lost a proposal where you had a verbal commitment from the buyer? Get an instant notification if a proposal expires or gets rejected, so that you can quickly follow up.

  • In-house sales team gets the same notifications
    Relax. No need to ping the in-house asking what is happening. Proposales keeps them in the loop at every event as well, automatically.

  • Follow Up Center — New! ✨
    All proposals are organised for you in the Follow Up Center. Get an overview of all proposals that you're involved in — across all hotels. The ability to see interactions, e.g. how many number of times the buyer has viewed the proposal. Follow Up recommendations will guide you.

Reports — New! ✨

On request, a password-secured Excel report of how each person in the field sales team has performed, will land in your email inbox each month.

How it works

Getting started

  1. Invite the Field Sales team to Proposales.

  2. Their name will now show up in the list where you assign a contact person.

Connect it to a colleague

  1. When sending a proposal, head to the "Appearance" tab in the right side panel.

  2. Select the colleague you want to send it on behalf of.

  3. Hit "Send".

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