So you want to send proposals on behalf of a colleague?

We understand prime selling time is important. Therefore we made it super easy to send proposals on behalf of someone else that are part of your organisation.

How it works

Assigning a contact person

Once you’ve created a proposal and are ready to send, simple head to "Appearance" tab in the right side panel. Change your name to one of your team members and hit "Save. You’ll notice that the contact person in the footer of the proposal now is the information of your colleague instead of your information.

Double notifications on Send/Open/Accept 

When you hit "Send", your colleague will automatically get an email notification that a proposal was sent on behalf of her/him. (No need for you to email just to notify you’ve sent the proposal they asked you to send)

All important notifications (such as the instant "Open" & "Accept" notification) will be sent to both the one who hit "Send" + the colleague it was sent on behalf of.

Getting started

  1. Invite team members

  2. Tell them to accept the invitation & fill out their profile information

  3. You’re all set! There name will now show in the list where you assign a contact person (se above)

Any questions? Hit "Support" here or in your account and we'll help you out!

Illustrations by Pablo Stanley

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