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Lunch example: /person/day 🍽

So it’s for 2 days and number of people is flexible. Here are 2 different ways to structure it:

Product comment

A product comment makes is it easy to make it clear for the recipient. Here’s how:

  1. Add product

  2. Adjust price to reflect the price per person for all days

  3. Add product comment saying Price is $30/person/day 

Advantage of doing like this is that it will become super easy for the recipient to adjust number of people. It's no calculating needed, just a field of people to edit.

Split products

Another way of doing it is to split into 2 different products, e.g. Lunch day 1  and Lunch day 2. It will simply be just per person .

This option is great if it's a specified menu or if numbers of people is likely to be different from day 1 to day 2. However, it's add a bit more complexity for the recipient.

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