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Custom Inbox Form

Inbox lets you collect any Request for Proposal via the form on your website. Convert requests to proposals in seconds!

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How it works

Inbox works just like a regular email inbox, but smarter and tailored for requests for proposals (RFPs). Some of the highlights:

  • Convert requests to proposals in seconds – 3 simple clicks are all you need

  • Works with any website form – use your current design & logic

1. Getting started

Activate Inbox

To get Inbox activated on your Proposales account, send a request to our Customer Success team. You'll know when Inbox is activated by going to and checking if Inbox is listed as an active integration.

Once Inbox is activated on your account, copy the address to your inbox from the details and use it when connecting your website forms with Proposales. (It contains your inbox_token)

Not a developer? Talk to us and we'll help you out!

2. Integration process

Connect with your HTML website form

Inbox works with any website form, simply replace the address where your form should be posted. No visual changes are needed.

<form action="{inbox_token}" method="POST">
   <!-- Your input fields -->

Connect with a form using webhooks

This is super easy! 👉 See how

Default fields

Make sure to name your input fields like this:

  1. first_name 

  2. last_name 

  3. email (we recommend to use type="email"  for this input)

  4. company_name  (optional)

  5. phone_number  (optional)

  6. message  (optional, displayed in request excerpt)

3. Extras

Custom fields

Inbox works with unlimited custom fields, simply name your additional <input> fields and it's content/value will be collected to the request.

<!-- Example 1 -->
<input name="number_of_guests" type="number" value="" />

<!-- Example 2 -->
<input name="arrival_date" type="date" value="" />

<!-- Example 3 -->
<select name="pet">
    <option value="dog">Dog</option>
    <option value="cat">Cat</option>

Submit redirect

If you're using a regular POST submit you can still set up a redirect to a specific website address on success:
<input name="redirect" value="" type="hidden" /> 

Custom language

The default language is English, however, you can override that with another language so that confirmation emails will be in your preferred language. Here’s an example for sv (Swedish):
<input name="language" value="sv" type="hidden" />  

Custom webhooks

Get in touch with us if you want to set up custom webhooks – possible anywhere between the request and accepted proposal.

Available events:

  • Request submitted 

  • Proposal created

  • Proposal sent 

  • Proposal viewed 

  • Proposal accepted / Proposal rejected 

Connect to Google Analytics

Contact us for information on how to set this up with your Google Analytics account using Google Tag Manager.

4. Setting up a new form?

Talk to us about it. We’ll share our best practices on how to do this. There’s a lot of business to win if you do this correctly!

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